Our SEND Information Report and Policy

(The School Offer - February 2015)


We hope this information answers some questions you might have about our school. 

At Parsons Heath C of E Primary School we use a child centred, graduated approach to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We use an ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ cycle to ensure we give high quality and appropriate support . We aim to have you, your child and school staff working together to enable your child to reach their potential. Reasonable adjustments will be made so that children with SEND can take part in the full life of the school. We use the Provision Guidance Documents provided by Essex to ensure that children get the support they need.

Parsons Heath C of E Primary School is a school on one level with an accessible toilet.

How does SEND Provision work at Parsons Heath C of E Primary School?

The majority of children’s needs will be met in the classroom setting by the class teacher delivering high quality lessons (Quality First Teaching).

SEND Support is additional to or different from what is usually provided in the class setting eg when a child is performing at a level that is much lower than the rest of their class, has made no progress over time or the child has access needs if they have a disability. A SEND Support Plan will be written with you. Your child’s progress will be monitored and where appropriate, advice may be taken from outside agencies. If there is no progress over a period of time we may apply for an Education and Health Care Plan. Support will be through a combination of First Quality teaching and additional interventions as appropriate for the needs of the child.

What are the different areas of SEN?

The SEN areas are: Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction, Physical and Sensory and Social Emotional and Mental Health.

Who do I talk to about my child’s needs?

If you are concerned about the progress your child is making, please speak to your child’s teacher.

If your child is already having SEN support, please speak either to the class teacher or the Inclusion Manager.

How will parents and staff work together?

We will meet each term to look at progress your child has made, and plan together what we will be doing over the next term. We value the support you as parents and carers can give to your child by working with us.

I am new to the school and my child has SEND. What do I do?

Contact the Inclusion Manager, Mrs Stephenson and she will be pleased to meet you and your child to discuss their needs.

How can school and home work together?

Parent/carers, school staff and your child will work together on a plan to move your child forward. We will meet each term to look at progress that has been made and to decide on the next steps. In between review meetings, please contact your child’s class teacher or the Inclusion Manager if you have any concerns.

How will my child be involved?

Your child will review their own progress and say what they feel they need to work on next. They can say how they learn best and what they will do to help themselves.

Which other professionals might see my child?

This will depend on the needs of your child.  The school might request advice from professionals including Speech and Language therapists, the School Doctor and the Educational Psychologist.

Do staff have training on SEND?

All staff have regular training linked to the needs of children in our school.

What happens when my child moves from one setting to another? (eg Nursery to Infant, Parsons Heath to Secondary?)

Information about a child’s SEN needs is shared between schools and nurseries. Our Inclusion Manager will speak to staff in the other settings. Some children may need extra visits to get used to their new school. Visits are organised to the receiving Secondary Schools as appropriate.

How can I find out about support groups and help for me at home?

Look at the SNAP Directory www.snapcharity.org/ or speak to the Inclusion Manager. Also you can look at the Essex Local Offer website at www.essexlocaloffer.org.uk 




If I have any concerns, who can I talk to?

Contact your child’s class teacher. If your child has SEND provision then please contact the Inclusion Manager. If you have a complaint, please see the Complaints Procedure leaflet.

Contact details are:

Inclusion Manager: Paula Stephenson 01206 860612 pstephenson@parsonsheath.essex.sch.uk

Head teacher: Mrs Claire Newson

Parsons Heath C of E Primary School

Templewood Road



01206 860612